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Stimulating Scalp Potion - Hair Growth Oil

Stimulating Scalp Potion - Hair Growth Oil

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Invigorate  your hair follicles with this Stimulating Scalp Potion (Hair Growth Oil), infused with rosemary and caffeine. This oil is packed with over 20 different herbs that promote, stimulate, nourish and balance your scalp. Our Stimulating Scalp Potion is the natural remedy to all of your hair and scalp concerns.

Our formula contains some of the most powerful ancient Ayurvedic herbs and oils, such as rosemary, caffeine. fenugreek, mint, pumpkin seed oil, castor oil and more. This multi-faceted product was curated with hair, scalp and length retention in mind. 

Product Highlights:

  • Promotes and accelerates healthy hair growth
  • Stimulates dormant hair follicles 
  • Fights against DHT to prevent hair loss
  • Combats dry & itchy scalp
  • Seals in moisture preventing dry and brittle hair
  • Strengthens hair resulting in length retention

Hair Type: Formulated for all hair types, including chemically and color treated hair.


    Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Rosemary, Coffee Beans, Black Seeds, Fenugreek, Saw Palmetto, Lavender, Chamomile, Hibiscus, Burdock Root, Neem, Aloe Vera, Amla, Brahmi, Bhringraj, Moringa, Calendula, Horsetail, Ashwagandha, Peppermint, Nettle, Cloves, Vitamin E Oil, Rosehip Oil, Essential Oils

    How To Use

    Apply directly to scalp with pipet or onto clean hands. Gently massage the oil into the scalp for 2 to 5 minutes. Repeat daily for best results ( 3-4 times a week at minimum) 

    Take before photos to document your progress.


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    Warnings & Disclaimers

    • This product contains nut oils. 
    • Review ingredient list to ensure no allergies are present with the use of this product.
    • Patch test a small section of the scalp and wait 24 to 48 hours. If there is any excessive scalp irritation, redness, itchiness, rashes or bumps, discontinue use IMMEDIATELY. 
    • This product is not FDA approved and is not guaranteed to work for everyone's hair and skin needs.
    • Our products are not intended to cure or prevent any disease.
    • We DO NOT give medical advice, nor do we claim to provide medical grade products. For any medical concerns, please consult a physician .
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    I love it i have felt a difference in my hair. it feels so much more softer and silky❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Great for stunted hair growth

    It looks like I will be buying a few more bottles of the 2oz I’m already seeing some hair coming out I believe my son has stunted hair growth but the hail oil is amazing can’t wait to see more results

    Danna N.

    I used it consistently (2-3) times a week for 2 1/2 weeks and DEFINITELY saw a difference. I am so impressed with this and definitely will keep investing in this oil. I also feel like my hair has been shedding less which I’m very surprised about!! I’m so satisfied. Danarsha is so amazing and helpful, she definitely deserves all the support. 10000/10 . Best purchase ever.